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I’m back!
Listen, I know I said that my goal was to write a post every day for a year. I did pretty well for a while but I was really struggling to come up with ideas sometimes and my writing really suffered. So I decided to take a little hiatus. It really helped. I’ve actually been meaning to write this post for several days now but I’ve just gotten busy. Until now.

So, the last time I wrote, I was actually en route to NYC for vacation. It was amazing and awesome and if I was 23 instead of 33 I’d probably quit my job and move there. Seriously. I really liked it. JW and I had so much fun and there is so much to do. We also decided to party like we were 23 again. As it turns out, I can party like I’m 23 all day and night long, however I cannot recover like I’m 23. It took me at least three days to feel like a normal human being again. It was rough. My running suffered that week as well as most other optional responsibilities I had. Oh well. I got it out of my system and I’m super focused on the shit that needs to be done now.

Speaking of running, my training is going great! I went for 12 miles this morning and it felt great. I’ve also started doing some weight training. And I’ve been serious about counting my weight watchers points again. Honestly, what I’ve figured out is that if I am running the amount that I am and I eat carefully throughout the week, I can have nearly anything I want on the weekend. I also got new running shoes today. I got the same ones I’ve been running in for two years now; the Brooks Adrenaline STS. These are the 13s. I wore my last pair for 360 miles! Here’s what 360 miles will do to a pair of running shoes:

20130818-195239.jpg The new ones are on the right. Obviously.

So, I’ve got lots more to update you all on but I’m saving some of it for future posts. I’ve made some awesome cupcakes, ordered my wedding dress (!), picked out exactly what decorations I’ll be making for the wedding, and lots more. I’m not promising I’ll write every single day anymore. But I think that now it will be much less forced and therefore more natural. And why would I do something I didn’t enjoy, anyway?


Today finished week 4 of my marathon training. I ran a total of about 19 miles this week (I ran nine of them this morning). The weather was positively glorious this week and I’m feeling great with my runs. Normally when I run nine miles I start to hurt towards the end but I felt awesome this morning. I’m feeling more and more confident about this marathon. I love that feeling.

Like I said last night, we’re going to New York next weekend so I’m going to be changing the days of my runs this week. That’s okay though. As long as I get the miles in, I’m happy. So this week I’ve got four slated for Tuesday, four on Wednesday, a 5k on Thursday (it was supposed to be a race but I couldn’t do one with our travel plans this weekend), and somewhere around eight on Saturday or Sunday. I’m excited for that because our friend who we are visiting in New York is training too and I’ll get to run it with his training group in Brooklyn. It will be an adventure. I also really hope this weather continues for a little while longer. I’m not holding my breathe as I realize it’s still July in the Midwest, but I would love it if it stuck around a little while longer. It makes me feel so strong with the humidity not holding me back!

This week is week two of my marathon training. Last week I ran a total of about 20 miles (4 Tuesday, 6 Thursday, 4 Saturday, and 6 Sunday) and this week I have 21 slated (all the same except for I’ll go 7 on Sunday). I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been running slower than usual but that’s okay. When I ran my races earlier this year, I trained slower than usual but then ran some best times. I think it’s good because when I try to go faster all of the time, I end up walking a lot, especially in this heat and humidity. I haven’t started the arms and abs workouts yet. I’m planning that for next week when I drop to three runs a week rather than four. I’m also adding weight watchers back in the mix starting on Monday. Summer is always a challenging time for me because the heat makes me sluggish and lazy and the sunshine makes me want to day (or after work) drink all the time. But I didn’t skip any runs last week and even went out in the pouring rain on Saturday. So I think I’m off to pretty good start!

I’m still exhausted from the party this weekend and I’ve got to be up for a 5:30 training run in the morning. Four miles isn’t too bad but I definitely need to ready for it. So early to bed I go! Goodnight all!

JW’s party last night was a resounding success. Everyone liked the food, the cake, and most importantly had a good time. My feet and legs are sore from baking and cooking or so long. I was up for over 20 hours straight yesterday. It was worth it though. JW had a great time.

It was also my last hooray for a little while. My marathon training officially kicks off tomorrow with an arms and abs workout DVD. And for the first month or month and a half, I’m scheduled to run both Saturday and Sunday. That means no boozing. And earlier bedtimes. But I’m actually glad to give my workout schedule structure again. I definitely end up slacking a little more and skipping runs when I don’t have a schedule laid out for myself. So if I’m not out on the town as much from now through October 20, don’t mind me. I’m probably either sleeping or running.

I ran further than I ever have before today! 13.8 miles at just over a ten-minute mile pace! My 25k is two weeks from tomorrow and I’m pumped!

I’m also sore and exhausted so off to bed it is for me. I’ve got a big day tomorrow! Goodnight kids.