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…and I’ll take a mile. If you’ve been reading my blog at all, you may have noticed something about me: sometimes I have a little trouble with follow-through. See also: procrastination. See, the thing is that if I don’t have a rigid set of rules to follow then I might as well not have any rules at all. I started off with a goal of a blog post a day. Then I got burned out. And now I’ve posted twice in a month span. I do that in a lot of areas in my life. I get excited about something and pretty much obsess over it for a while until I’m over it. This isn’t some shit-on-myself blog post. I don’t think I’m alone on this stuff. A lot of people do this kind of thing. Sometimes way worse than I do. But I’ve pretty much come to terms with it about myself. And I have the ability to follow through when it counts.

I think that’s why running long distance races works so well for me. I have a clear goal in mind and a rigid training schedule (sometimes I switch the days that I run but I always get my miles in) to follow in order to achieve it. By the way, my training is going well. With the exception of some chafing issues, my runs have been feeling really good. I’m excited for this race.

So I’m willing to cut myself some slack if I don’t make it to the volunteer events that I’ve wanted to do. Or if I put my business plan on the back burner for a while. Or if I don’t post a blog as often as I would like. Or if I have a bad week with weight loss or eating. Because I do a lot of other stuff that is worthwhile too. I spend time with my friends and family whenever I can. I’ve been doing a whole lot better with keeping my house picked up and clean. I run 30 miles per week (ish). I bake a lot of cupcakes and cook a lot of dinners that are healthy. I’m planning my wedding. And I go to work every day. So I will most likely continue to pursue different interests and probably obsess over some of them and then ditch them. How the hell else am I supposed to figure out what I want out of this life?


The winner of the poll from the other day’s post for which dress I should make was…the red one! I almost ignored the poll and decided to do the gray one because it looked way easier to sew. I’m sure it is easier. But the pattern for the red one was about $4.00 while the pattern for the gray one was closer to $18.00. WTF! I don’t really get why some patterns are so expensive. Most people only use them once. I’ll splurge on it one of these days but today was not that day.

Anyway, JW and I went to the store to pick up the supplies and luckily, most of the stuff was on sale. I got the pattern, the fabric, the interfacing, two spools of thread, and the zipper all for around $32.00. Not bad! I didn’t buy any hooks/eyelets because I already had some and I think I’m going to go back for some cheap fabric for the lining. I misread the pattern and don’t have enough fabric for that. That’s okay though, I can buy something cheap because it goes on the inside and no one will see it anyway.

I decided on fabric slightly different than what the picture showed. I love the red but I wanted something a little different. I ended up choosing this:

I love.

I came home with high hopes of getting the pattern all pinned on and cut out. Here’s the thing though: I haven’t sewed anything from a pattern in YEARS. I need to brush up on my sewing vocabulary. And I got a little overwhelmed. And we all know what happens when Courtney gets overwhelmed. Yep, you guessed it; my old friend procrastination.

So I promptly fell asleep on the couch. Whoops. I’m getting back I work on it now. I’m armed with my iPhone and trusty google app for any terms I don’t understand (I refer to my iPhone as my “proving JW wrong machine.” But it has other uses as well.). I don’t know of I’m going to be able to finish the dress entirely this weekend (almost definitely not) but I’m going to try to get as much done as possible. Wish me luck!

Well, here’s what procrastination will get you, folks. It’s after 11:00 and I don’t have anything to write about. Except, of course, my oldest friend.

I have been a procrastinator for at least as long as I’ve known what that word even meant. I’m not terribly proud of it. All through high school and even college, I waited until the last minute to do everything. I alway say I work better under pressure. I suppose that is at least partially true. Also true is that I am easily distracted, easily overwhelmed, and sometimes lazy.

And I want to be better about it. I just don’t always know how. JW says that if I say I’m going to do something, then I should do it. And he’s right. I should. The thing is, when I say I’m going to do something, I usually mean it. Sometimes I just get distracted or lazy or overwhelmed in between the time I say I’m going to do something and actually doing it. It’s really not a great excuse. I know that.

I think I’ve gotten somewhat better about it. I want to get better still though. I gave up smoking a few years ago and I feel like that was nothing compared to this.

Have any of you gotten over a terrible habit? What helped you overcome it?

So you remember when I said yesterday that I had some “straightening up” to do around the house before I refashioned that dress? To that I say, “Ha! Ha!” As it turns out, my supreme skills for both denial and procrastination led me to believe that “straightening up” was going to cover it. Again, ha, ha.

Nothing makes you feel like you are failing at life as an adult quite like cleaning out your refrigerator after it has been neglected for too long (I’m not exactly sure when the last time I scrubbed it down was). Not only did I find containers of mystery substances, I had to scrub mystery substances off of the shelves. So I thought I’d make a list of helpful cleaning tips for myself and for those of you who happen to also be cleaning challenged like me.

1. If a jar of maraschino cherries tips over in your refrigerator and some juice leaks out, make sure you wipe it up right away. If you do not, it will turn into sticky red cement and your hand will cramp up from scrubbing it.

2. If your significant other pulls a container of something out of the refrigerator and asks you what it is, and all you can do is shrug your shoulders, perhaps it is time to throw it away.

3. If the mystery substance in the container mentioned in helpful tip #2 is too frightening for you to open, just throw the whole thing away.

4. If you are vacuuming and you find some broken glass hidden under the couch (because your lovely boyfriend broke a glass THREE WEEKS AGO) and some of the pieces are too big to go into the vacuum, hit them with the vacuum so they break into smaller pieces and they’ll get sucked right up!

5. If vacuuming up dog hair tumble weeds from all of the corners in your house daily is getting too cumbersome, consider shaving* said dog. Otherwise it will be never-ending.

6. Make a cleaning calendar and then make a point to completely ignore it** so that when you actually get around to cleaning, the task is entirely overwhelming.

I make my bed almost everyday. That counts for something, right?

Now, our house really isn’t gross. There are just some tasks that I hate doing. And apparently so does JW. So they get put off. And I’m getting much better at keeping my house clean. I know that some of you put there are total clean freaks. I’m jealous of you. I really am. I wish I felt more compelled to scrub and vacuum and mop and dust and pick up and oh, everything. I have a serious problem with procrastination too. Although, I have to say, being television-less is really helping. And now, I have a sparkling clean refrigerator and kitchen and relatively no cleaning to do tomorrow. So in my sparkling clean kitchen, I will be making salted caramel shortbread. And if I have time, I’ll start refashioning that dress.

*I’m not really shaving Bella. And you shouldn’t shave your dog either. Just vacuum everyday, lazy-ass!

**Don’t do this either. Make a cleaning calendar and follow it and then you can completely ignore all of the helpful tips I have laid out for you above. I’m working on it.