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…and I’ll take a mile. If you’ve been reading my blog at all, you may have noticed something about me: sometimes I have a little trouble with follow-through. See also: procrastination. See, the thing is that if I don’t have a rigid set of rules to follow then I might as well not have any rules at all. I started off with a goal of a blog post a day. Then I got burned out. And now I’ve posted twice in a month span. I do that in a lot of areas in my life. I get excited about something and pretty much obsess over it for a while until I’m over it. This isn’t some shit-on-myself blog post. I don’t think I’m alone on this stuff. A lot of people do this kind of thing. Sometimes way worse than I do. But I’ve pretty much come to terms with it about myself. And I have the ability to follow through when it counts.

I think that’s why running long distance races works so well for me. I have a clear goal in mind and a rigid training schedule (sometimes I switch the days that I run but I always get my miles in) to follow in order to achieve it. By the way, my training is going well. With the exception of some chafing issues, my runs have been feeling really good. I’m excited for this race.

So I’m willing to cut myself some slack if I don’t make it to the volunteer events that I’ve wanted to do. Or if I put my business plan on the back burner for a while. Or if I don’t post a blog as often as I would like. Or if I have a bad week with weight loss or eating. Because I do a lot of other stuff that is worthwhile too. I spend time with my friends and family whenever I can. I’ve been doing a whole lot better with keeping my house picked up and clean. I run 30 miles per week (ish). I bake a lot of cupcakes and cook a lot of dinners that are healthy. I’m planning my wedding. And I go to work every day. So I will most likely continue to pursue different interests and probably obsess over some of them and then ditch them. How the hell else am I supposed to figure out what I want out of this life?


Today finished week 4 of my marathon training. I ran a total of about 19 miles this week (I ran nine of them this morning). The weather was positively glorious this week and I’m feeling great with my runs. Normally when I run nine miles I start to hurt towards the end but I felt awesome this morning. I’m feeling more and more confident about this marathon. I love that feeling.

Like I said last night, we’re going to New York next weekend so I’m going to be changing the days of my runs this week. That’s okay though. As long as I get the miles in, I’m happy. So this week I’ve got four slated for Tuesday, four on Wednesday, a 5k on Thursday (it was supposed to be a race but I couldn’t do one with our travel plans this weekend), and somewhere around eight on Saturday or Sunday. I’m excited for that because our friend who we are visiting in New York is training too and I’ll get to run it with his training group in Brooklyn. It will be an adventure. I also really hope this weather continues for a little while longer. I’m not holding my breathe as I realize it’s still July in the Midwest, but I would love it if it stuck around a little while longer. It makes me feel so strong with the humidity not holding me back!

I have been quite the running slacker lately. Today was the first time I ran since Saturday and before that I didn’t run for a week. So today was two weeks since I got up before 6:00 am. I’m exhausted.

I don’t feel too bad about slacking off though. I’m keeping myself in good enough shape to run six or seven miles without too much trouble and my marathon training doesn’t officially start until July 1. So I’m giving myself a little break before having to get really serious again. Burning out sucks.

I have been cheating on my nutrition and running for weeks now. It’s not that I haven’t been running at all. I have been running some. But my “official” training program for the marathon doesn’t start until July 1 so I’ve been taking it a little easy. I haven’t been keeping track of what I’ve been eating either. I’d like to think that I haven’t gone nuts but I haven’t been terribly good about it so who knows, really.

I’m keeping myself in good enough shape to run 7 or 8 miles without too much trouble though. And I’ve hovered in the same three-pound range since I haven’t been keeping track of what I’ve been eating. So I suppose I’m not all that disappointed in myself. Sometimes you need a break. And starting in July 1, I’m into it for real.

It’s getting to be that time of year again here in Cincinnati where it is unbearably hot when I get out of work. So hot that when I go for runs after work, I end up wussing out and walking a lot. Afterwards, I don’t feel very good physically or mentally. So I’m getting up early to run. I actually like running early in the morning better than I like doing it after work. Going later in the day eats up a lot of time that I could spend doing other stuff (like chores or cooking or planning a wedding). Early in the morning I’m not missing out on anything but sleep. I’ll start going to bed a little earlier once my body adjusts. The only thing is that I’m having a really hard time getting myself up to do the arm and ab workouts I have planned for myself on non-running days. Eh, I’ve never been much of a morning person and I’m pretty proud of myself for getting up at least to run. It’s a work in progress.

So I originally planned to start running again on Thursday. It was pouring rain that day so I didn’t go. I’ve already decided not to run tomorrow either.

Part of me feels a little guilty about it and the other part says that I haven’t had more than a couple of days off from running since Christmas so I’d better enjoy it while I can. I am definitely running on Monday. And once Monday hits, I won’t have more than a couple of days off at a time until after October 20.

I think I’ll be okay if I go nine days with no running. Maybe it’s even a little good for me.

I forgot to post this the other day. It’s JW and I and Bella after our races. JW ran his first 5k since high school!