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JW has been on me about growing out my nails. Since they’re longer now, I’ve been keeping them painted. I generally end up picking at the polish when I’m bored and end up having to redo them every few days. The other day, he sent me this picture that he found online:

I thought that looked easy enough so I figured I’d give it a try. I went to the store today to pick up the stuff I’d need. I got some reinforcement labels:

I meant to get a clear top coat but they were $7.00 and I realized that I could get TWO new colors of polish for less than that.


My nail polish problem isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, guys. I have some clear nail hardener that I figured would do the trick.

So first put on a coat or two of the color that you want your “moons.” I had to do two coats because the pink I got went on very translucent. If I was wearing this color alone, I would have to use at least three coats. Now wait for it to be good and dry. Not dry where you go to bed and wake up with imprints from your sheets in all of your nails. Really dry. Then cut some of your label things in half and stick them on the bottom edge of all of your nails:

Make sure they go on at about the same angles and the same amount of each nail gets covered. Then press the edges on the sides of your nails down with a finger nail so the new color doesn’t seep under the stickers. And then go ahead and paint on your other color. This blue that I chose only took one coat because it covered really well. I let the polish get tacky-dry and had JW peel the stickers off. I was worried that if I let it dry all the way that it would peel some blue off (and some of the pink along with it). I don’t know if it would actually do that. Probably not. Let that get decently dry and the put on your top coat/whatever clear polish you happen to have. Obviously, you’ll want this to dry too. Then, if you’re like me, you’ll need to clean up the edges with q-tips and nail polish remover (because I have a hard time staying in the lines).

Here’s the finished product:


I love it! It’s not perfect (when doing my own nails it never is) but it was my first time and to be quite honest, I was expecting to have to take it off right after I did it. I’ll keep this on! And I think I’ll get better the more I do it. I also think that I can do a lot of cool stuff with this technique. I’m not quite ready to try most of the nails I see on Pinterest (read: I’ll never do that crap). And maybe someday I’ll buy a proper top coat. All in all though, I’m pretty pleased with this!