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Here’s the other part of my order from this morning. Lemon Sunshine Pie!

It’s a sweet and salty crust made from saltine crackers filled with a rich lemon filling and topped with lightly sweetened whipped cream. I finished it with a sprinkling of coarse salt. YUM.


So here is the first part of the order for tomorrow morning: Triple dark chocolate Jack Daniels cupcakes!

These are dark chocolate fudge JD cake filled with dark chocolate JD ganache and topped with whipped dark chocolate JD buttercream. Man. I don’t even like whiskey (I took a sniff while I was making everything and it sent shivers down my spine) but these are good. The whiskey flavor is definitely there but it mixes really nicely with all of the dark chocolate. I hope my customers love them!

I’m so excited because I got my first baking order from a stranger today! I’ve had lots of orders from friends and family but this is the first complete stranger. She was referred from my Facebook page. And she asked for a fun order! So tomorrow I’ll be sharing pictures of a lemon sunshine pie and some triple chocolate whiskey cupcakes!

I baked some cupcakes for JW’s step-mom’s birthday today. They were banana cake filled with caramelized banana pastry cream and topped with rum-cinnamon-cream cheese frosting. They were effing delicious.


I’ve been really wanting to bake a lot lately. A good friend of my shared my Facebook page with a whole bunch of her friends and now I have more than double the likes than I had three weeks ago. It’s awesome. So I’ve made it my goal to have a stand at a local farmers market next summer. I had a order for some spice cake cupcakes filled with caramel and topped with cream cheese frosting for tomorrow:


I’m hoping the Facebook page drums up some more orders. I don’t make a huge profit doing it but I love it. So it’s worth it.


That would be a vanilla chocolate chip cake with vanilla buttercream and more chocolate chips topped with a mountain of homemade brownie chunks all doused in chocolate ganache. I’m currently taking orders.

I’m baking a layer cake tonight and a batch of brownies (all from scratch, duh). Stay tuned tomorrow when I unveil the awesome creation that I am putting together with all of it for JW’s birthday!