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Today at work I got pulled into a conference room to be told that my shirt was inappropriate. I’m pretty annoyed with myself because I sort of knew it was too low-cut and I wore it anyway. I even asked JW if it was too much boob for work this morning. Of course he said no. I was wearing a sweater over it too. But I know that just having to ask at all meant that it was.

I don’t get in trouble or anything but I still hate having to be “talked to” about anything like that. I see people around there wearing way more revealing stuff than that all the time. But they said that since I am in a leadership role and I could have contact with higher-ups, they needed to say something to me. I’ll get over it. It just makes me feel like I’m back in high school sometimes.

Today was a really good day. I got some good news at work and then later on I won an award that had nothing to do with the previous good news! I sold some cupcakes so that was awesome too. It feels good to be appreciated. A year ago I would have given anything to find a new job. I’ve gotten two promotions since then and now I even look forward to going to work. It’s really an awesome feeling to be recognized and appreciated.

This is going to be a short one tonight but I just wanted to say that life is pretty good. I have so much good stuff going on. Work is going great, I have an awesome boyfriend who loves me, I have the best dog, I am healthy enough to be able to run distances longer than I ever thought possible, my fitness is slowly but surely coming together, I have friends who I don’t know what I would do without, a wonderful family, and on and on. Seriously. Even though things annoy me or make me angry or sad, they only make the good stuff that much better. So do yourself a favor and just think of all the awesome things in your life. I’d be willing to bet they outnumber (or at least trump) the bad. Cheers, folks!

Today I contacted one of the candidates for city council here in Cincinnati about volunteering for his campaign. I emailed his volunteer coordinator and signed right up! I’m so excited. Seriously – so stinkin’ excited!

I’ve looked for things to volunteer for ever since I moved here. I’m a Cincinnatian now and I’ve always wanted to feel like a part of something here. There certainly isn’t a shortage of things to volunteer for and I did try a few of them out but none of them felt like quite the right fit. Until now.

I started following this candidate on Twitter because of a tweet I saw from a local food truck owner saying she was meeting with him. I’m interested in food trucks and a follow a lot of them. I like to keep an eye on regulations and things that are going on with them in the city so I thought it would be good to follow someone who supports them and is running for office. I started seeing his tweets and I read a couple of interviews he had given and read some of his blog posts. And I started to get interested in his campaign.

His name is Mike Moroski. And the more I read about him and his ideas, the more I found that I could really get behind his campaign. I tend to get sort of riled up when it comes to politics, especially when those who I might not agree with say things that I perceive to be outrageous. I understand that some things I believe may be outrageous to others as well (although I don’t think of myself as terribly extreme in my beliefs). But this guy is just so positive. And he just seems to genuinely want Cincinnati to be a great city. And I can get behind that.

I don’t have much planned with them until the end of June when I’ll be walking in the pride parade with their group. But I’m so excited to get involved with this. It will be an awesome opportunity to meet other people and to get to know my city better. Here is a video about why he is running for city council and why he loves this city. I find it to be so inspiring. Maybe you will too!

This week. Ugh. I couldn’t be happier that it’s over. Nothing really bad happened. In fact, good stuff happened. I hit the 20 lb. mark in my weight loss, my training and running has been feeling really good, and I’m getting really excited about my business plan again. Those are all awesome things.

I’ve just been in a super funk this week. I’ve been getting annoyed with things and people really easily and I just haven’t felt terribly motivated to get anything done. I’m not really sure what my problem is. I have been waiting for this weekend since Monday!

Now, don’t get me wrong. All of the awesome things I listed above have me completely stoked. And I have a bunch of things that I’ll be doing this weekend that have me excited. First of all, I got new running shoes today. I love new running shoes. Tomorrow, I’ll be getting up early and putting them to use with a nine mile run. I have some straightening up to do around the house (boo!) but then I’m going to start the refashioning of that sack of a dress I bought for $1.99. Later on, we’ll be getting together with some friends (friends that we haven’t seen in WAY too long) and going downtown to a beer festival. After that, we’re heading to the Night Owl Market (NOM) to check out the food trucks. Fun!!

Sunday, I’ll probably be baking and working in some other crafts and stuff. I really can’t wait.

So here’s to long weeks being over and fun weekends to look forward to. I’m going to bed pretty soon so I can get going on all I this fun that is waiting for me. And yes, I do think that running nine miles in the morning is going to be fun. Night, kids!

So, before I start, I did get up and workout this morning. It was more like 5:20, but hey, I did it.

Now, for what I really wanted to talk about. I know I’ve mentioned writing a business plan to you guys already. I’m still not ready to talk about the specific details of the business I am currently planning yet (don’t you worry your pretty little heads – when I’m ready, I’ll be shouting it from rooftops and shamelessly promoting it). Some of you who know me already know what I’m doing and most of you have been supremely supportive and I can’t even tell you how much that means to me.

But, as always, I have managed to get into my own head about all of this and freak myself out. When I first came up with the idea, I was completely obsessed with it. It’s all I thought about, read about, and sometimes talked about. I started writing the business plan and felt awesome about it. But then something happened in my brain and all of the what-ifs started popping up and scaring the crap out of me. I started thinking that I was romanticizing the entire idea in my head and that it was going to be way more work than I was admitting to myself. I nearly ditched the idea all together.

I talked to JW about it and he said that if my heart wasn’t really in it then he wouldn’t try to stop me from letting it go. But he added that he’d hate to see me throw away a really good idea just because I got cold feet over what-ifs. I had a lot of soul-searching and thinking to do. I have been making some sweeping changes to my life lately and gotten serious about some goals. And this is one of them. I decided I need to move forward. My little brother told me he was happy that I’m not letting it go because he tends to change his mind a lot (we’re a lot alike) and it makes him glad to see me not giving up. My BFF told me not to quit too.

I am still scared about a lot of things. I’m scared of the debt that will be associated with this venture (although startup costs for this particular business aren’t as overwhelming as some) and I’m scared of all of the unknowns. I feel like I want someone to hold my hand and tell me what do do next. I’m scared of actually acquiring the financing for it (because if I actually do all the work and start planning for it only to get told no, I’ll be heart-broken). There is a lot I be scared about.

But there is also a lot to be over-the-moon excited for. All of the what-ifs that have been popping into my head are scary. What if I can’t get financed? What if business is slow? What if I fail? But there are awesome what-ifs too. What if this is my dream job? What if I am a run-away success? What if this could be the most rewarding experience ever?

Here’s the thing: I really believe that we can make this a success. I am under no delusions that it won’t be hard work. I’m even anticipating it to be harder than I am aware of at this point. But I also think that if I am able to make it a success, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. And how can I turn down a chance like that? And really, how many things that are really worth doing aren’t just a little scary?