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One year from today I get to marry my best friend. I’m so excited. When we first got engaged a couple of months ago, I kept thinking I had a ton of time because it was over a year away. This morning I woke up and thought, “Oh shit, I’ve only got a year!”

We’ve decided to have a meeting on the twelfth of every month to discuss where are are with the planning and where we need to be. I think it will help us stay right on track. I just need to make some decisions regarding the decorations since I’m making them and all. I keep waffling back and forth between ideas. I’m most scared of going overboard with the kitsch. I tend to do that sometimes. Any ideas?


I sketched out my wedding center pieces today. Here’s a rough drawing:


I’m going to paint cheap flower pots in my colors, put some branches in there, stick a couple of birds on each one (I found an amigurumi bird crochet pattern that doesn’t look too hard; I’m going to try one out this weekend), and some tissue paper flowers on there. I’m planning on making some larger bunting for decorations as well so I’ll use the scrap fabric to make tiny bunting to hang between them. I’ll do a tutorial when I actually start putting them together but I wanted to share it today because I was excited about it. What do you think?

My mom and I went dress shopping today and I think found the one for me. I’m not putting a picture on here because JW looks at this from time to time and he really wants to see it. I wasn’t planning on purchasing a dress today and I didn’t. I want to wait until after my marathon. Also, this dress is double what I budgeted for my dress AND shoes. So that was sweet.

Actually, I’m not too upset about it. The dress itself wasn’t terribly complicated and my mom and her best friend are both talented seamstresses. So they’re going to recreate it. We also went to Michael’s today and looks at their silk flowers (I’m making my own bouquet) and we went to Joann Fabrics and look at dress patterns and at feathers and stuff (I’m also making my own hair piece).

I’m having a lot of fun seeing what I can make myself. And it turns out I can make a lot of it. If it were feasible, I’d want to make the food and cake myself too. But I don’t want to work that hard in the days before the wedding. So it’s not feasible. But really, I’m excited to see how pretty and fun and me I can make this wedding while saving money. It’s going to be awesome!

Also: if anyone has any good suggestions for a pattern for an a-line, empire waist wedding gown with a lace overlay, please let me know!

I’m at my parents house for the next few days. We were planning to come to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad and then JW ended up having to work all weekend so I took a couple of vacation days so my mom and I can do some wedding stuff too. I’ll keep you posted!

Our venue was officially booked today so I can announce for certain that JW and I will be getting hitched on July 12, 2014 in Charlevoix, Michigan! It’s going to be a barn wedding and I’m so excited. You can check out some pics of the place here. I feel like I can really start planning now. Like I said before, I’ll be making all of the decorations, favors, invitations, and programs myself. And JW is going to brew two beers for our reception! Expect tutorials for decorations and whatnot in the future!

JW and I have officially chosen the venue for our wedding and reception! Only I’m not going to spill the exact details because it won’t be officially booked until tomorrow. Full details tomorrow after I know it’s ours. I will say this much: it’s in northern Michigan. And I love it!

I promise that I won’t turn this blog into a wedding planning blog. However, since I tend to write a lot about what’s going on in my life, I will be writing about that stuff sometimes. I’m planning on making all of my own decorations, invitations, party favors, and other stuff. There will probably be a lot of tutorials. Good thing I’m crafty and enjoy doing that stuff.

So far, I’ve really only picked out a color palette. I’ve sort of decided on a venue but it is not officially booked yet. I’m trying to do this wedding on a relatively small budget. It’s not that I’m cheap. I just think that the insane amount of money that folks spend on weddings these days is grotesque. Neither JW or I come from terribly wealthy backgrounds and although my parents have offered to help, I still want to keep costs down as much as possible. I think it would be pretty foolish of us to start the next chapter of our lives with a whole lot of new debt. Anyway, I think it’s completely possible to have a beautiful, classy wedding without spending the same amount as a small house would cost.

So, the colors. I went to Home Depot today and got some paint samples of the colors I have in mind:


Then I cut them into strips and glued them to note cards so that my mother and I can easily carry them around and have something to go off of when shopping for stuff.


I’m pretty much in love with these colors and I think they’re perfect for a summer wedding (we’re thinking July 2014). Let the planning begin!