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None of my pets in the past have ever paid any attention to the television. Even when I think there is something on there that would interest them, they don’t care. I’ve even tried to point things out to Bella on the screen. Things like squirrels or bunnies or cats. She could care less. I don’t know if her eyes can focus on the screen or something. I’ve seen her react to one thing on the television: a polar bear. Once. That’s it. But our little Sir Patrick Stewart is a different story. He watches the tv all the time. Sometimes we watch a big projection and he goes after the large moving pictures on the screen. It’s cute. Last night we were watch Talladega Nights: The Song of Ricky Bobby on a laptop. Here’s Patrick watching:

And here is his reaction to the crash that happens towards the end of the movie:

Bahahahaha! It kills me!

Our tv totally took a crap tonight. It’s been on the fritz for a couple of weeks now. You’d turn it on but there wouldn’t be any sound. So then you’d have to turn it on and off until the sound came on. Then last night, JW said, “I’ll be shocked if this thing sees April 1st”. And then this morning I couldn’t get that bugger to come on to save my life. JW messed with it and it finally came on. But not tonight. I told him he brought it on us.

We’ve been talking about cutting down our tv watching to something like an hour a night on weeknights anyway. We have gotten lazy lately and figured that’s been a huge distraction. There are a lot of other things we both need to be focusing on. Although, I have to say, I didn’t quite expect it to be this abrupt. Oh well. I need to read more anyway.

So because of this minor tragedy, I didn’t get to watch my favorite Thursday night shows tonight. I almost always watch The Office and Parks and Rec. Uh, you guys? If they breakup Jim and Pam, I’m not sure I’ll be okay. It would break my little heart. And I L.O.V.E. Ron Swanson. I made my brother a piece of fan art featuring Ron Swanson for Christmas last year. It was awesome. More recently, I’ve really gotten into Scandal. Olivia Pope is the shizz!

But none of that happened tonight. It’s alright. I’ll live. Next time I go to my parents house, I’ll spend a day with On Demand and it will be glorious. And I’ll get the reading in that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. My favorite author has been Kurt Vonnegut since high school. I’ve read all of his books and several of them multiple times. I haven’t read any of his stuff in a long time though. So I’m gonna reread some good old KV. Cat’s Cradle was the first one to catch my eye so I’m going to read that one first. What other ones should I read? And what’s your favorite Vonnegut title?