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Sometimes I conduct polls amongst my friends. I guess I just like hearing people’s opinions about the random things that happen to pop into my head. Today’s poll was this: If you were a professional baseball player, what song would you choose to play when you were going up to bat? My answer was “Heat of the Moment” by Asia. Duh. What else would I pick? Here are some other answers from my friends on Facebook:
“Whatever” by Godsmack
“Gimme Dat Nut” by Eazy E (hahahaha)
“My Walking Stick” (I’m assuming he is referring to the Leon Redbone version although he could have been referencing Louis Armstrong too, I suppose)
The theme from Space Jam
“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar
“My Hero” by Foo Fighters
“Thunderstruck” by ACDC

I might also choose the intro to “My Name is Jonas” by Weezer because it rocks. “Generator” by Bad Religion was also one I considered but I think there are too many f-bombs in it.

So what song would you choose to be your at-bat song (assuming you happened to be a pro baseball player)? Do you think of random questions to annoy your friends with too?


My apologies for the missed post yesterday. I had a very busy day that ended with booze so I sort of just went to bed. But you’ll get two posts today to make up for it!

So yesterday: I started early with a seven mile run. It felt alright but running in the heat and humidity is just all around more difficult than the glorious days of spring and fall. After that, JW and I tried out a new place for breakfast and then went to Dick’s and got me some sweet reflective 90’s style snap bracelets. JW worries about me running in the super early mornings. Then I went home and mowed the lawn, went to the store to get supplies for the evening, came home and cleaned the house (JW helped), made avocado and corn salsa and fresh lemonade, and then finally got myself presentable. After that, we went to some friends party for just a little while, had a super nice time with some excellent people, then went home and had some people over ourselves. There is a park pretty much in our back yard and the band America was playing last night! We had old friends and new friends come over and it was a lot of fun! And we got to hear Sister Golden Hair love from our back porch!

Anyway, I worked really hard yesterday and ended the day with a decent amount of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey and Coors Light in my belly. So that’s why there was no blog post. I’ll try not to let it happen again. 😊

We went to a movie tonight with some friends (This Is the End, I highly recommend it) and they played a Backstreet Boys song at the end of it. It was good and all but it was not my favorite Backstreet Boys song.

My favorite Backstreet Boys song is I Want It That Way. It took me a long time to actually admit that openly because it is a boy band and I was not 13 when it was released. I was a senior in high school and I was a self-proclaimed music snob. I actively engaged (that should not be past-tense as I still engage in it from time to time) in music snobbery and I was probably a jerk to people about it on multiple occasions. Oh well. Anyway, that song came out when I was a senior and my brother and I used watch MTV after school. That video was on TRL for weeks and weeks and it was awesome. One day, I looked at my brother (also a bit of a music snob) and said, “Don’t tell anyone, but I secretly love this song.” He looked at me sheepishly and said, “Me too.”

Fast forward a few years and I’m working at Applebee’s waiting tables. There was some canned music pumped into the restaurant via satellite and they played the same songs over and over. I Want It That Way was one of them. And it was like magic. I used to stand near the bar when that song came on and look out at the restaurant at all the servers running around. Nearly everyone would get a little smile on their face and maybe start mouthing the words along with it.

Now as a 33 year old, it ranks among my favorite karaoke songs. I’m not embarrassed to admit how much I love it anymore. Because even though I still practice music snobbery, I’ve come to realize that some of the music I love is cheesy and not very good. Meh. I love it anyway. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch that video a few more times before I go to bed.

Oh man, don’t ask me what made this song pop into my head today. But as soon as it did, I had to look it up. Check it out here.

JW claims to not remember this song. I can’t be the only one who does though, right? He won’t let me listen to it all the way through without my earbuds on. But I really want to choreograph the whole thing now. Enjoy this little piece of awesomely terrible 90s rap nostalgia!

…and listen to this song. Ahhh, long-haired dudes with bangs playing double-necked electric guitars. Totally awesome*.

*I realize that they have inexplicably cut the sweet sweet guitar part off of the beginning of this video. I too am saddened by this. Unfortunately, it was the only video of this song that I could find. 😕

I’m starting a recurring post. Every Sunday from now on, I’ll be posting Tiny Happy Moments. It’s just my little celebration of some of the little things in life to be happy about. I think it’s good to take the time to notice the lovely small things because when life is hard, sometimes it’s just the little things that can pull you through.

Tiny Happy Moment for Sunday, May 19:
Hearing a song that you love for the first time in years.
It starts playing and even though you haven’t heard it in ages, you can still sing right along as though you heard it yesterday. It will take you back to the time when you first loved it and you’ll probably find it on YouTube and watch the video several times in a row because it makes you feel so good. Even if it is sad bastard music, it still makes you happy. JW says I’m addicted to nostalgia. So what if I am? It makes me feel good. Rediscovering music is awesome.

Have you rediscovered any music that you had forgotten about recently?