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So 2012 wasn’t the best year ever for my boyfriend and I. It wasn’t the worst but it left things to be desired. I kept telling my boyfriend, JW, that 2013 was going to be our year. So far it’s been going great. But a few days in, I realized that I could say it was going to be our year all I wanted but it wasn’t going to go that way unless I made some goals and stuck with them. I don’t really like calling them New Years resolutions but I suppose that’s what they are. I made a pretty extensive list. Here’s an overview of what I have in mind:

1. Write my business plan. I’m working on a business plan. I’ll go into more detail about it later. I’m still a little torn on whether it’s something I really want to do. But I figure I’d better at least finish the plan to give it it’s fair shake. I’ve gotten a decent chunk of it done but I’ve been slacking a little recently. I’ll get back to work on it soon.

2. Focus on Myself. This includes exercising, diet, skin and hair care, and overall attitude. I’m training for another half marathon in March and I’m planning on training for a full marathon in October. Ugh. That frightens me more than I can put into words. I think I just have to do it so I stop thinking about it. Also, I’ve been running longer distances for a while and I’ve noticed one thing: Running alone does not cause weight loss. Especially on the days when you spend two hours running in the morning and when you get done, you think that it is acceptable to pretty much eat non-stop for the rest of the day. I was FAMISHED! Ha, no, but seriously, you have to watch what you eat too. So I’m back on weight watchers. I worked for me 6 years ago. I’m down 14 pounds since January 7, so yay! As far as skin and hair care goes, I’m going pretty hippie-dippy. For my face, I’m using the oil cleansing method. More on this another day. But I haven’t put soap or normal moisturizer on my face since early January. And my skin is feeling awesome! I’ll go into the hair later as well. That’ll take me longer to explain. Attitude is the big one here. I have a tendency to be negative when things don’t go my way and if more than one thing goes wrong, I tend to let it snowball. I know this. I know this, so I can change it. So I’ve decided I will.

3. Be a better housekeeper. You guys, I’m a slob. And I’m lazy. And I think there is something wrong with me because sometimes messes that drive people nuts don’t even occur to me. I’m not dirty. Just very cluttery. Very. Cluttery. So I started the year by forcing myself to make our bed every day. And I have so far. I’ve also gotten a lot better with doing the dishes right after dinner instead of leaving them sit until the day I have to do a mountain of them and I stand there and hate-wash all of them for an hour. I’m working on implementing a cleaning calendar but I haven’t worked up to that yet. Baby steps, people.

4. Wear more red lipstick and black eyeliner. Or rather, wear red lipstick and black eyeliner. Because I didn’t wear them before. I always wanted to. But every time I tried to put them on, I thought the red lipstick looked garish and the black eyeliner looked like it had been applied by a 4-year-old. I finally decided that it was one of those things that people can pull off if they think they can. No one thinks anything of it if you don’t make a big deal out of it. So I don’t. And I pull it off now. And it makes me feel totally badass. And that is awesome.

So there are the main points. I’m sure I’ll remember more later. Don’t worry. I’ll let you know. On a side note, JW is getting us a new (bigger!) bed for valentine’s day. I’m going to make a fabric-covered headboard for it. I’m super excited about that. Do I smell a future post? Yes. Yes, I do.

Hello, lovelies. I’m Courtney. This is my new blog. Lately I’ve been feeling like I need a creative outlet. So here we are. If you know me, you may remember my pathetic attempt at starting a blog last year. I think I wrote a total of four posts. Over a period of two or three months. See? Pathetic.

Well. This time is different.

I’m setting a goal for myself to write one post a day for the next year. I realize it’s a lofty goal. But I think I can do it. And I’m super excited about it!

So for the next year (and beyond!) I’ll be posting about all sorts of things. Examples: goals, stuff I like, stuff I don’t like, life, my dog, running, fitness in general, memes (I HEART memes), baking/cooking, books, restaurants, weight loss, Cincinnati, relationships, tv shows, fashion, my recent obsession with red lipstick and black eyeliner, Michigan, DIY stuff, music, etc. You can see I’ve really narrowed it down here. Hey, I’ve got a years worth of posts to come up with!

So now that the introductions are taken care of, I thought I’d end this first post with a little explanation of the name of my blog. It’s called Thighs On Fire. I used to fantasize about starting an all-girl rock and roll band. I would be the bass player. Said band was to be named – you guessed it – Thighs On Fire! Doesn’t it rock?! Anyways, I’m now in my early 30s and I haven’t even attempted to learn how to play the bass guitar. And try as I might, none of the other ladies I tried to recruit were quite driven enough to learn instruments either. So it seems that my fantasy of the totally rockin’ chick band called Thighs On Fire is for naught. Oh, well. I still think the name is awesomely hilarious. So at least I still get to use it.

So there’s my first post. One down, 364 to go! Feel free to to follow, share, and comment. Tell me if you like stuff and tell me if you don’t like stuff. Just don’t be mean, okay? See you tomorrow!