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We met my parents half way between our house and their house to let them take Bella for a couple of weeks. There are two reasons for this: a) we are going to New York next weekend, and b) my dad loves that dog a whole real lot. And she likes it up there, too. My dad works from home and my mom is on summer break so someone is home nearly all the time. They have a big yard she can run around in and huge picture windows she can look out of (we call windows Bella TV because they positively engross her). My dad also takes her for walks nearly every night. The only thing is that our house feels empty without her in it. I think Patrick notices too. He needs to learn how to occupy himself though. So enjoy the girl, Mom and Dad! JW and Patrick and I miss her already!



Happy birthday to my sweet girl Bella! It was actually Saturday but I had a lot going on that day. We had a party so I think she thought it was for her anyway.

I’ve never met a dog as sweet as you, Bella and I feel pretty lucky that I picked you! It was meant to be. So happy eighth birthday, baby girl!


One of my favorite pastimes happens to be dressing up animals. Namely, my pets. Here is Bella in a squirrel costume:

And a bat costume:

I also have a Santa costume for her but no good pictures of her in it. I have a lot if other hats and hoodies and other random items of clothing for her as well. She hates them all. Patrick is a new addition to our household so I haven’t gotten him anything yet. Plus he’s growing really fast. I found this picture on twitter the other day though and have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to crochet one for him.

My searches online haven’t been very successful though. I’m going to have to try and fashion this myself. Who doesn’t love a kitty in a mushroom costume?!

Meet our newest baby, Sir Patrick Stewart (we call him Patrick; he doesn’t seem to mind).

He and Bella are already BFFs. I’m a little shocked. Usually it takes cats a little while to warm up to her. She relentlessly effs with them. But seriously, just look at these two.

And no joke, as I was waiting for that photo to load, Bella turned around and licked Patrick and he just snuggled right up her. Capacity for cute within my brain = blown.

We were eating lunch at a place with an outdoor patio the other day and we had Bella with us. She is a champion beggar and JW decided to see if she would eat a pickle.


We didn’t let her eat the whole thing. Make no mistake though, she probably would have attempted to swallow it whole. I would make a list of her favorite people foods that she’s not supposed to eat but it is much easier to list the things she won’t eat.

1. Hard-boiled egg whites
2. Raw mushrooms
3. Marshmallows

That’s it, as far as I can tell. And she will eat hard-boiled eggs if there is some yolk still attached. She’s eaten nearly everything else that we’ve dropped. Dogs are gluttons at heart.

This is going to be a short one tonight but I just wanted to say that life is pretty good. I have so much good stuff going on. Work is going great, I have an awesome boyfriend who loves me, I have the best dog, I am healthy enough to be able to run distances longer than I ever thought possible, my fitness is slowly but surely coming together, I have friends who I don’t know what I would do without, a wonderful family, and on and on. Seriously. Even though things annoy me or make me angry or sad, they only make the good stuff that much better. So do yourself a favor and just think of all the awesome things in your life. I’d be willing to bet they outnumber (or at least trump) the bad. Cheers, folks!