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I downloaded three new books with a gift card I still had from Christmas the other day and I haven’t gotten to start reading any of them yet. It’s like torture. But I’m one of those people who gets into a book and ceases to want to do anything else but read that book. I will shirk social obligations to read that book. I will get just a little depressed when I finish that book. I will mourn the loss of the characters from my life.

And I can’t get sucked into a book right now. JW’s birthday shindig is on Saturday and I have A LOT to do to get ready for it. Mostly cleaning and cooking. I’m excited for the party though. It’s the first one I’ve ever thrown for him. Did I ever mention that I sort of suck at birthdays? I sort of suck at birthdays.

So, the books I got are The Wolf of Wall Street, Gone Girl, and Serena. have any of you read these? Did I make good choices? I can’t start them right away but look out, Sunday!