I’m getting myself ready for the week ahead. Tomorrow I go back to strict weight watchers counting. Since I drop down to only three runs this week (I’ll still be getting 18 miles in), I’m adding a 30-minute, three day a week arms and abs DVD to my routine. I can’t remember the name of it right now but it’s by Shalean. I went to the store and got healthy stuff to eat for all of our meals this week. I’m ready. I’ll be weighing in in the morning for the first time in like six weeks and I’m a little nervous about it. I’ve been running but I have not been eating properly and I know it. I know I’ve gained a little. I just hope it’s not too much. No matter how much it is, I’ll just have to work harder to drop it again. Also: I bought a hula hoop today! I’m going to be doing that too because its fun and good for you. I just bought a cheap kids one. I’d like a weighted one but I don’t have the extra cash to drop on it right now (I’ve got a wedding to pay for!). So I’m going to work on some routines I found online and maybe get a weighted one in the future. I’m getting back all the way on that fitness horse this week!