My apologies for the missed post yesterday. I had a very busy day that ended with booze so I sort of just went to bed. But you’ll get two posts today to make up for it!

So yesterday: I started early with a seven mile run. It felt alright but running in the heat and humidity is just all around more difficult than the glorious days of spring and fall. After that, JW and I tried out a new place for breakfast and then went to Dick’s and got me some sweet reflective 90’s style snap bracelets. JW worries about me running in the super early mornings. Then I went home and mowed the lawn, went to the store to get supplies for the evening, came home and cleaned the house (JW helped), made avocado and corn salsa and fresh lemonade, and then finally got myself presentable. After that, we went to some friends party for just a little while, had a super nice time with some excellent people, then went home and had some people over ourselves. There is a park pretty much in our back yard and the band America was playing last night! We had old friends and new friends come over and it was a lot of fun! And we got to hear Sister Golden Hair love from our back porch!

Anyway, I worked really hard yesterday and ended the day with a decent amount of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey and Coors Light in my belly. So that’s why there was no blog post. I’ll try not to let it happen again. 😊