This week is week two of my marathon training. Last week I ran a total of about 20 miles (4 Tuesday, 6 Thursday, 4 Saturday, and 6 Sunday) and this week I have 21 slated (all the same except for I’ll go 7 on Sunday). I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been running slower than usual but that’s okay. When I ran my races earlier this year, I trained slower than usual but then ran some best times. I think it’s good because when I try to go faster all of the time, I end up walking a lot, especially in this heat and humidity. I haven’t started the arms and abs workouts yet. I’m planning that for next week when I drop to three runs a week rather than four. I’m also adding weight watchers back in the mix starting on Monday. Summer is always a challenging time for me because the heat makes me sluggish and lazy and the sunshine makes me want to day (or after work) drink all the time. But I didn’t skip any runs last week and even went out in the pouring rain on Saturday. So I think I’m off to pretty good start!