Sir Patrick Stewart tricked us. When we went to pick up a kitten, we got to choose between him and his brother and sister. We ended up picking him because he was the most chill one of the three. The others were crying their heads off and Patrick just sat there in my arms. In the car ride home (which took at least 15 minutes) he meowed all of four times. Every other cat I’ve ever been in a car with sounds like they might die. Long, constant, sorrowful moaning. Patrick did none of it.

As soon as we walked in the house though, that was all over. He cries when he wants attention. He cries when we leave him alone in a room. He cries when he happens to walk into an empty room. He cries when we are eating food that he wants. He cries while standing on my chest in the middle of the night because he wants to be petted. He had no problem telling us that he feels something is lacking.

I’m really not trying to complain. He is the perfect fit for our little family. He’s really gentle and he hardly ever uses his claws. He and Bella are BFFs. He doesn’t even scratch her. It’s just that the whole waking me up for lovins thing is getting a little old. I suppose it’s preparing me to have a human baby on a smaller scale. But I don’t have a human baby yet.

So do any of you have ultra vocal cats? Do you have any tricks to shut them up (at least in the middle of the night)? Please share!

20130705-224737.jpgOne of his quieter moments.