JW and I went out I get a bite to eat earlier and when we got home, a dude from one set of WT neighbors was across the street trying to fight a different dude from a separate set of WT neighbors. They were yelling about someone being a heroin addict and people needing to get off of their property. I couldn’t tell you who was who because I find it hard to tell them apart. Then Older Lady WT (my very least favorite of all of my hillbilly neighbors – she is just the worst) from across the street to join in the fun. I believe the “heroin addict” is her nephew. She was wasted. JW said he was going to call the cops so she started screaming profanities at him too. Meanwhile, the two who were trying to fight both took their shirts. Shit was getting real, yo. The police finally showed up and were forced to push Older Lady WT’s nephew to the ground, TWICE, and then she tried to get involved too and one of the officers had to pin her to the hood of the police car. Nephew was cuffed by this point and she was just put into the back of one o the squad cars. I went in the house and JW stuck around to speak with the cops. After it was all said and done, no one was arrested because “They’d just be out in a couple of hours anyway. The jails are overcrowded.”

Sigh. I can’t wait to move out to the middle of nowhere.

But hey, I was lamenting earlier about our lack of television. So at least I got a little real-life drama!