Tiny happy moments is cancelled today due to Father’s Day. This is more like big happy moments. I have been lucky enough in my life to have been born with a terrific dad. I know everyone says that on Father’s Day but I mean it. I’ve always said that if I ever married a man as good as my dad, I’d be the luckiest girl in the world. And it’s true. I would be. And I am. So in honor of Father’s Day, I present my favorite memories of my dad:

His love of animals
When I was a little girl, we had a dog named Tanya. She belonged to my dad before my parents were married. Tanya hated my mom because she wouldn’t let her sleep in the bed with them and she would wait for my dad to leave and poop on the floor on purpose so that my mom would have to clean it up. Tanya died when I was six and my dad was heart-broken. Later, we had a cat named Chuck and dad loved her too. They were best buds. And now my dad loves my dog Bella. He giggles like a little kid when he plays with her. I love it.

His “signature” dishes
Although he didn’t cook a whole lot when I was a small child, my dad had several signature dishes that he did cook. One of my favorites was what he called “super dupers.” They were homemade potato chips that apparently I did not want to eat. So he called them super dupers. I ate them. The other one might not be much of a signature dish but it’s kind of a joke with the rest of our family. We ate tacos a lot because they were easy and relatively inexpensive and when my mom went back to school, my dad ended up cooking a lot more. He also picked up a second job for extra money and ended up eating quickly a lot. I swear, he ate nachos for dinner three nights a week. We always had some leftover taco meat and all he had to do was throw that and some cheese on some chips and microwave it. He ate that all the time.

Summers at the lake
My grandparents on both sides had cottages in lakes when I was growing up. We spent a lot of time at both cottages in the summer. We had fun with both of our parents but my mom wasn’t really a big fan of swimming in the lake. My dad always got in with us though. And he would throw us into the water. And play games and just basically horse around. It was so fun. My brother and I loved playing in the lake with him.

There are so many more awesome things about my dad. He has been unendingly supportive of all of his children. He loves our mom. He is very even tempered. He works hard. He is just a nice guy. So here’s to you, dad. I’m a lucky daughter.