Overall, I love the summertime. I really do. It’s perfect for so many things like bike riding, kayaking, day drinking, night drinking, camping, campfires, sleeping with the windows open, grilling out, swimming, etc., etc. I like the warm weather and the sunshine too. But there are a few things that happen in the summer that directly coincide with some of the things I’ve listed above that make me crazy. I love summer but sometimes I hate summer too. Let me explain:

Bike riding, kayaking, swimming, outdoor sports, et al
Okay, so all of these sports and more are awesome in the summer. The weather is perfect for spending time outdoors. Except for, you know, if you happen to be a runner training for a marathon in the fall. In order to not walk 50% of each run and not feel like I’m on the verge of crying the entire time, I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn. This is so that the sun does not suck the life force directly out of my head while running. Getting up pre-6:00 am isn’t my favorite thing.

Grilling out, day drinking, night drinking, outdoor activities, sleeping with the windows open
I’m not kidding even a little when I say that since 2006, I have had at least one set of complete hillbilly neighbors nearby my house. Currently, there are three sets on my block and of course they all know each other and hang out together. The summertime is when hillbillies thrive. They are outside nearly constantly and reasonable bedtimes for small children are non-existent. Hillbillies also share my passion and excitement for summertime drinking. Although I must say that I am not quite as rowdy and disruptive as they seem to get. I also do not get into screaming matches with people in the middle of the street at night or ever, really. And that’s the problem with me sleeping with my windows open. I must be some sort of hillbilly magnet or something. Ugh.


I really love the sunshine and the vitamin D it provides. It feels so warm and awesome. Here’s the thing though: I am ghastly pale. Look:

Clearly, I wasn’t built for the sun. And sunblock gets in my eyes when I sweat. I happen to sweat like a man. Also, all of the chemicals in sunblock freak me out a little. I prefer large hats but they aren’t appropriate for all situations. I have never had a tan and never expect to. When I burn, I peel and then fade to a slightly darker shade of pale. It’s cool though, because when all of you sun worshippers are all leather-faced and wrinkly in 30 years, I will still have my ghastly pale youthful glow.

I look forward to summer every year but along with it comes some serious pains in my ass. Ah well. You put up with the bad so you can get the good, eh?