I was feeling down in the dumps earlier today. I’ve been feeling kind of homesick for my girlfriends lately. My best friends all live 4-6 hours away and I’ve just been missing them. I really want to celebrate my engagement with them. I know we will next time I see them and we will have a blast but its times like these that I miss them the most. I think most people would agree that the best times to be together are when someone you love has something to celebrate.

Anyways, I was feeling sorry for myself for a while and then I was mad at myself for feeling sorry for myself because I have an awful lot to be happy about. I was just in a funk. But then JW put The Hangover on. I haven’t seen that movie since I saw it in the theater. So funny. And just what I needed to cheer up a little. And also to remind me to let JW know that a bachelor party within a couple of days of our wedding will be unacceptable. Haha. Seriously though, I’m not having that.