Today was the first day since my race that I didn’t feel completely sore all over. I can still feel it a little but at least I’m not hobbling around anymore. I’m planning on taking tomorrow off too and then going out for a four or five mile run on Thursday (more slowly paced than usual though). The break feels really good although today did feel a slight urge to go for a run. Not a strong enough urge to actually make me go out and run, mind you, but I felt the familiar tug.

I’ve read in the past that after a long race, you should rest one day for every mile run. In the past I’ve taken even more time than that off but I always had to struggle to get my mileage back up after that too. I feel like taking 15 days off would be too much at this point. And that would mean 26 days off after my full marathon. That sounds like way too long of a break to me. At least at this point. I think I’ve finally gotten to the point where it feels odd to not be running.

How about you? How long do you like to rest after a big race? Have you read similar advice like I have?