Apologies for the missed post yesterday. I was blinded by fatigue. I had a huge day yesterday. I ran my first 25k in the morning and then had to go to my parents house and cook food for 30 people for my mom’s 60th birthday party (more on that in today’s second post). So by the time the evening rolled around, I was TIRED. And sore. I’m still really sore. Did I mention I’m sore?

Anyway, the race. It was awesome. I started out hanging around the 10:30 pacers but after about one and a half or two miles realized that I felt comfortable going faster than that. So I did. I felt strong and just went for it. I brought three Gu energy gel packs with me (for half marathons I usually have two). I had one before the race, one around 5.5 miles and one around 10.5 miles. I used to shy away from the caffeinated ones because I was worried about pooping issues during the race but I’ve since found that if I can get up early enough in the morning and get it all out before I run that it doesn’t seem to bother me. In fact, my favorite ones are now the espresso love flavor and they have double the caffeine of the the regular ones. It gives me a nice little extra jolt of energy when I’m starting to feel tired.

I was feeling pretty sluggish between miles 11 and 14 anyway though so I started with my mantra. Four and a half miles? Four and a half miles is nothing. That’s an easy day for you now. Three and a half miles left? That’s nothing. Keep going. Just keep running. If you stop running it will be way worse. Two and half miles left? It’s nothing keep running. Okay, one and half mile left. The easiest thing ever. One mile left. Push it. A half mile left. Use everything you have left now because you won’t need it for long. PUSH IT. SEE THAT GIRL THERE? THAT GIRL RIGHT THERE IN THE GREEN? SHE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO PASS HER. PASS HER. RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN. And so on.

And then I came around the last corner and I could actually see the finish line and that’s really all I need because if I can get there, I can finally stop running and drink some more water and hopefully some chocolate milk.

You guys, I averaged sub-10 minute miles for the whole race. I’m pretty sure (the Nike+ running app isn’t always completely accurate and I really want a GPS watch) my half marathon split was a PR. This is huge for me. And although I did not feel like I could have kept going at the end of the race, I did feel very confident that through proper training this full marathons is going to be amazing. I’m so excited. Final 25k time: 2 hours and 33 minutes.