Today I contacted one of the candidates for city council here in Cincinnati about volunteering for his campaign. I emailed his volunteer coordinator and signed right up! I’m so excited. Seriously – so stinkin’ excited!

I’ve looked for things to volunteer for ever since I moved here. I’m a Cincinnatian now and I’ve always wanted to feel like a part of something here. There certainly isn’t a shortage of things to volunteer for and I did try a few of them out but none of them felt like quite the right fit. Until now.

I started following this candidate on Twitter because of a tweet I saw from a local food truck owner saying she was meeting with him. I’m interested in food trucks and a follow a lot of them. I like to keep an eye on regulations and things that are going on with them in the city so I thought it would be good to follow someone who supports them and is running for office. I started seeing his tweets and I read a couple of interviews he had given and read some of his blog posts. And I started to get interested in his campaign.

His name is Mike Moroski. And the more I read about him and his ideas, the more I found that I could really get behind his campaign. I tend to get sort of riled up when it comes to politics, especially when those who I might not agree with say things that I perceive to be outrageous. I understand that some things I believe may be outrageous to others as well (although I don’t think of myself as terribly extreme in my beliefs). But this guy is just so positive. And he just seems to genuinely want Cincinnati to be a great city. And I can get behind that.

I don’t have much planned with them until the end of June when I’ll be walking in the pride parade with their group. But I’m so excited to get involved with this. It will be an awesome opportunity to meet other people and to get to know my city better. Here is a video about why he is running for city council and why he loves this city. I find it to be so inspiring. Maybe you will too!