If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know I run. This year though, it’s becoming an integral part of my life. I take extra days off here and there but if I go too long without a run, I start to feel off and unbalanced. So here are the things I like about running:
1. It’a an easy avenue for setting and achieving goals
2. It gets me outside
3. It releases stress (if I’m bothered by something when I leave, I hardly even remember what it was when I finish)
4. Quality alone time
5. Having a running buddy is fun too
6. It makes me feel strong
7. The feeling of running farther than I ever have before is indescribably awesome
8. I love love love the running community (almost without fail, if you pass another runner, they will smile, wave, and say hello)

There was a time when I hated running. It was hard for me to get into the zone and just run. Now it’s close to instant. I write out running schedules months in advance and I look forward to it (most days). I’m so happy I decided to pick it up. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without it.