I am a miserable wretch tonight. I’m not really sure what my problem is. I actually had a really good day today. Work was really good today and I was in a good mood when I went home. At home, I was going to change to go run but then I fell asleep for a half hour. I actually did run after I woke up but it was hot and I felt sluggish. The entire four miles was a struggle. This was disappointing because on Monday I ran seven miles averaging less than 10 minutes per mile. This is faster than I’ve run in YEARS. It felt great.
After my run, I got home and just felt annoyed. I was really hungry and didn’t get to have dinner for a while. I was short with JW. When we finally did eat dinner, I ate too much. I haven’t been making very good food choices this week. The week isn’t lost but I really need to be careful for the rest of the week now.
Meh. It’s probably hormones but I’d better not turn into a complete psycho like last month. It was hard for me to be around myself at that point so I’m sure I was super pleasant for others to be around too. I think a good night’s rest will do me some good. I refuse to go to bed with a rain cloud hovering above my head though, so here’s this: