So as most people have heard, there were some explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon today. I’m not going to try and guess who did this or why. 90% of the news reports are just that news organization trying to break whatever tidbit they’ve come across first. I’m going to wait until there are more facts confirmed before I even think about that part. What I do know is this: whoever did this is a coward.

My heart breaks for all of the runners in that race who probably woke up this morning thinking the weather was perfect for a race. My heart breaks for all of those injured or killed and their families. My heart breaks for the entire city of Boston. My heart breaks for the whole country. The whole world, even.

But my heart bursts with joy when I hear about uninjured runners changing their routes so that they could go straight to the hospital to donate blood when they heard what happened. And when I see the footage of people running towards the explosions so they could help rather than running away in fear. The good guys outnumber the bad. Love is bigger than hate. Unfortunately, it’s the bad guys and their acts that get the attention in today’s world. Tonight though, my thoughts are not with the bad guys. Tonight, my heart and my thoughts are with Boston.