I love hot dogs. I think they are delicious. I like nearly all forms of them too. Some of my favorites:
-normal hot dogs: the classic and one of the reasons I look forward to baseball games.
-metts, or mettwurst: for those of you who do not live in Cincinnati, this is a type of smoked beef sausage and you can get regular, hot, or extra hot. I prefer the hot.
-corn dogs: I ALWAYS want a corn dog. Never doubt that.
-Chicago style: this is a regular hot dog with tons of delicious stuff on top. So, yeah.
-coneys: both Cincinnati AND Detroit style.
-pretty much any fancy type sausage with interesting ingredients

My favorite normal hot dog = Kogel Viennas. My favorite corn dog = all. I pretty much like all metts, all coneys, and all Chicago style hot dogs too. I might even put hot dogs among my top 10 favorite foods.

Tonight, I bought turkey dogs with pepper jack cheese in them. I don’t usually go for the turkey dogs; I’m more of a beef and pork kind of hot dog eater. But I got these a) because they were on sale, and b) because they were 110 calories each as opposed to the hot metts being 240 calories each. The verdict? Not quite as delicious as a normal hot dog, but not too far off. I’d get them again (especially at 110 calories).
So what’s your favorite garbage food? Do you have any healthier substitutes?