The good news is that I have successfully finished most of gobs and gobs of Easter candy that JW’s parents gave us. So I shouldn’t have to worry about gorging myself on that anymore. The bad news is that this is now three consecutive weeks that I have gone over my weekly allotment of points. I’m pretty frustrated with myself. I’m trying not to focus on the negatives though so here is a list of good things that have been/will be happening.

1. My running is feeling great and my mileage is going back up this week (more time spent working out = more points).
2. I actually figured out some of the stuff that made me not want to work on my dress (with the help of my mom who told me she sang an awesome solo at church today).
3. I told JW that I don’t want to go out to eat for at least a couple of weeks. It’s much easier to control points when I make healthy stuff myself.
4. All of the choicest Easter candies have been consumed so those won’t be tempting me anymore.
5. The weather is BEAUTIFUL. Finally. Thank Jeebus.

So even if I gained any weight this week thanks to my self control completely and totally failing me, I’m ready to jump back on that horse. And I have my dress project to focus on if I get distracted. The dress is even more motivation. I’m making it the size I plan on being. Not exactly the size I am now. Focus focus focus, Courtney.