I think everyone has some favorite movies that, deep down, they know are terrible but still just unabashedly adore. I have several. I was reminded of this because we were listening to the Eagles tonight and the music made me think of one of my movie guilty pleasures. No, not The Big Lebowski. I love that movie but it is not a guilty pleasure. That movie is legitimately good and everyone likes it. No, I’m talking about a terrible movie that I will watch every time I find it on tv. I own it on DVD. It’s number one on my list of favorite rotten movies:

1. Urban Cowboy. Oh man, it’s so bad but so good. Starring John Travolta and Debra Winger. It’s a whole lot of white trash with a good soundtrack. Predictable and dramatic complete with a happy ending all taking place either in a trailer or a country western bar with a mechanical bull. I can’t not watch it if it’s on.
2. Any Troma film. Now, I don’t know if you have heard of these. If you have, you’ve probably watched at least several of them. One of the more famous titles is probably Class of Nukem High. These are just really low-budget horror movies. They aren’t scary. They are so cheap they are funny. I don’t think that they were meant to be spoofs (at least not the earlier ones) but they come off that way. They are chock full of campy amazingness. I want to go see if I can find any online right now.
3. Little Monsters. It’s a kids movie about a kid (Fred Savage) who befriends the monster under his bed (Howie Mandell) and gets to go to the secret under-the-bed monster world. It’s truly awful. I’ll watch every minute.
4. Grease. Yes, another John Travolta movie. This time, a musical. I will sing right along with the entire thing too. I can’t help myself. This goes for a lot of musicals.
5. Terms of Endearment. Debra Winger again. It’s just so so so sad. So. Sad. And the kid Teddy at the end? He’s so damn cute and heartbreaking. I will watch it over and over and over and cry even though I know what’s coming.
6. Any and all Carebears movie from the 80s. My mom used to take my cousin and I to the theater to see them. I love.
7. Glory Daze. This is a movie from the early 90s starring Ben Affleck and French Stewart in their very early days. It’s godawful. It really is. It has a sweet punk soundtrack though, so I’ll happily watch it every chance I get.
8. Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’m torn on this one. My heart keeps telling me that this is a truly good movie. I love everything about it. But I don’t necessarily think the general public feels the same way about it. So on the list it goes.

I keep thinking of other movies that I’m not sure are actually bad movies and that I just like them because they are really good. Like Heathers, Pump Up the Volume, a lot of musicals and sci fi, and that one about dragons with Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughy. I know that there are more. I’m having trouble coming up with them right now though. What movies are your shameful guilty pleasures? You know, the ones you prefer to watch alone. Multiple times. This is not the same as the awesome movies that you watch over and over. That’s for another post. I’m talking about the ones that you don’t tell people about. Spill it.