So I was reading xojane again today and there was this article. I. Loved. It. It’s titled “25 Things That Make Me So Happy I Want To Pee My Pants” and it is fabulous. Read it. It’s good. It’s just about stuff that makes you happy for no real good reason other than awesomeness. I think it is good to think of those types of things when you are acting or feeling like a miserable wretch. It’s good to remember good when things seem dark. I commented on the article but I kept thinking of more things as the day went on so I thought I’d put it here. So here goes:
-red lipstick
-black eyeliner
-pretty dresses
-singing 80s cock rock at the top of your lungs
-The Golden Girls
-hot dogs
-Dan Conner (not the last two seasons though)
-the smooth shiny surface of the peanut butter when you first open it
-blueberry pancakes
-finishing a whole crossword puzzle without cheating
-knowing answers on Jeopardy
-the smell of my dogs feet
-giant sunglasses
-the Pixies
-movie marathons
-making things
-the song “Heat of the Moment” by Asia
-brand new tubes of mascara
-paint color samples
-fart, dick, and poop jokes
-pictures of animals with their mouths open
-Michael Caine’s accent
-Patrick Stewart’s voice
-the smell of books

Jeez, you guys. The list is infinite. I could go on. So tell me, what would you add to the list?