Every time I’ve run a half marathon, I’ve taken at least a week off (usually more) afterwards before I started running again. Since I have a 25k planned for May 11, that wasn’t possible this time. I guess it was possible but not really advisable.

I had planned on going for five miles yesterday but I was still pretty sore from my race (and I had only rested one day) so I decided to wait until today. I wasn’t sore at all today. That is, until I decided to run.

I went out for a four mile run and after about a mile and a half or two miles, my hamstring tightened right up. It seems there was still some lactic acid hiding out in there from those hills the other day. It was windy as hell too. As I’ve said before, I hate the wind. Hate it hate it hate it. But hey, I got out there and ran and even with that stuff going on, I ran all four miles under 10 minutes.

I’m also counting points again. After the week I took off from it last week, I was happy to find that I only gained a couple of pounds. But I’m back on top of it this week and more focused than ever. I’m hoping to be down by around ten pounds by the time my 25k rolls around. That’s a doable goal.

So that’s where I’m at. I’ll probably take tomorrow off with this soreness but it feels good to get back out there so soon after my race.