Last night I fell asleep pretty early and then woke up at 11-something and realized I hadn’t written my post. Hence the short entry. I did want to talk about the race and how I felt though.

It was awesome! The weather was perfect, the scenery was beautiful (the race started and finished at Keeneland in Lexington and there were rolling hills and horses and mansions everywhere), and I felt great running. I wanted to run at a pace that my running buddy felt comfortable with so I started off with what I thought was a slightly easier pace than where I wanted to. The course was very, very hilly. There were virtually zero flat spots. Seriously, it was hill after hill after hill. My usual route is quite hilly and I think that really helped me. My running buddy struggled with the hills though. She said she thought we went out too fast for her. I felt really bad about it but she also said her foot really hurt while running up the hills so there wasn’t much I could have done about that one. She said I could run ahead of her somewhere around mile six but there was no way I was leaving her alone with that much race left. I told her that once I got to mile 11 that if I had enough energy left that I’d like to see how fast I could finish. She said that was okay with her so that’s what I did.

Another friend who ran the race (and has run several races) said it was the hardest course he’s ever ran. Both him and my running buddy said they’d never want to run that race again. I totally would. I loved it. It was effing beautiful. It was difficult but I could have gone faster than I did. I felt great the entire time too. I finished the race without any soreness* (I could hardly walk within a half hour of the Detroit race last fall), I knew I could have gone faster, and, more importantly, I felt like I could have run a lot further. I feel more confident than ever that my goal of running a full marathon is absolutely possible. And that is a good feeling.

*I may have spoken too soon about the soreness. I woke up this morning feeling great but as the day progressed, I got more and more sore. I’m currently sitting here with some seriously restless legs. It is by far my least favorite side effect of running. I’m going to take some ibuprofen and go to bed and see how I feel tomorrow. I have a five mile run planned!