Race weekend starts for me in just about 15 hours. Yay! I took a half day at work tomorrow so I can head to Lexington earlier in the day, check into our hotel, and take my time around the race expo. I want to pick up a couple of packs of Gu (espresso, chocolate, and peanut butter flavors are the only way to go), and get a head wrap thingy. I like to take a look at all of the vendors too.

I LOVE race weekends! It’s like a mini-vacation. We’ll take care of all of the race check-ins and stuff like that, hit up a pasta place for dinner and then just relax in the hotel for the evening. On Saturday, I’ll get up early, have my usual pre-race breakfast (toast or an English muffin with peanut butter and a banana), drink a bunch of water, and head down the the start. My favorite races tend to be the really big ones and this one is a little smaller but it’s okay. Everyone gathering for the start is always fun and exciting.

We’ll run the race and it will be surprising how fast it is over. We’ll make sure to not go out too fast at the start and try and keep a steady pace the entire time with just enough energy at the end to finish strong. I usually walk through the water areas. It’s just enough of a break to keep me going.

After the race is over, we’ll head back to the hotel, shower, and go to Buffalo Wild Wings where I shall attempt to eat my weight in buffalo wings and beer (I’m sort of giving myself a break from weight watchers for this week only-it takes a lot of concentration and since I’ve been feeling so crazy, I thought it might be nice to take a break. And it has been. I’ll be back on it hard-core starting Monday). I’ll probably end up in bed with ultra restless and spasm-ing legs.

So that’s my general race weekend ritual. How about you? Do you have any race superstitions or rituals?