First off, I feel way better today than I did yesterday. My mind has cleared a little bit and I’m not feeling so down in the dumps. So that is good.

Anyway, today, JW was cleaning out our basement and getting rid of some stuff and he came across a couple of suitcases. He opened them up and there was a ton of my older clothes in there that I thought I had lost. I remember having all of them when I moved here but then a bunch of clothes were just gone. It drove me crazy!

Included in this stash was my Kenny Rogers t-shirt (the Detroit Tiger, not the singer, although I like him too), my favorite Salvation Army t-shirt (a super thin red shirt with the Caribbean printed on it), a t-shirt with Barry Manilow stenciled on there that my brother made for me, and an apron that my mom made for me. Also, there was a bunch of business-type clothes. I decided recently that I want to dress a little nicer for work. Our dress code is quite lax where I work but I’ve probably gotten too lazy about it. I have been hesitant to buy very many new clothes because I’m working on losing weight and I don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff until I hit my goal weight. There are also quite a few “skinny” shirts in there so it gives me some extra incentive. Plus, there are several pairs of pajama pants. I love pajama pants.

So this thing was a pretty awesome find. I feel like I got a new wardrobe!