I feel like I’m losing my mind lately. I think it’s a combination of hormones, stress, the fact that the weather just WILL NOT COOPERATE, and my wonderful brain. I feel scattered, my kitchen is a mess (which I have no desire to clean but I will as soon as I finish writing this), and I’m just in a funk. And I think I’m starting to make JW crazy too.

I’ve been stressed out at work for no good reason. There is a reason but it’s mostly paranoia created by myself. So that’s awesome. And when I start feeling dumpy about that, I start dragging everything else I’d like to change about my current circumstances into my sweet mood. And then I start being a jealous bitch. It’s not really fun being me when I get that attitude so I can only imagine how much fun it is for others.

The jealousy thing is probably my very least favorite thing about myself. I think I’ve come a long way but she rears her ugly head from time to time. I’ve really been trying this year to focus on being positive and enjoying all of the awesome things in my life (of which there are plenty – more than plenty, actually). Running helps. But lately I’ll run and then feel good for a while and then go to work and let it fester again. Part of the problem is that work has been really dead lately and instead of keeping my mind occupied with work, I sit around and think of everything that has been bugging me. Super healthy.

I know some of it is hormones. And that should pass soon. But I’ve been in the mood to eat mountains of food lately and I gained a pound or two last week (although I mostly attribute that to my swell day-drinking fiasco from Saturday). I’m kind of mad at myself for that too.

I was telling my brother today about everything that is bothering me and he told me exactly what I tell him: snap out of it and choose to be happy. He’s right. I’m right. This miserable version of me is not my best self. I need to snap out of it. Maybe I’ll actually get around to starting that dress I’ve been putting off for over a week now. Projects usually help. Do you folks out there in blog-land have any tricks to help you get out of a funk?