This is my last week of training before my half in Lexington this Saturday. I’m pretty pumped. Last week I finished a five mile run in all sub-ten minute miles. And it felt awesome. I’m not sure if I could keep up that pace for an entire 13.1 miles but it felt really comfortable last week.

Unfortunately, my running buddy is not feeling as great. Her foot is still really sore. I’m concerned it could be a stress fracture (I’m no doctor but that’s what google spit out at me). She is determined to run the race though. I understand. She’s put a lot of work into it and doesn’t want to give up on her training. Honestly, even though it would be the wrong choice, I’d probably do the same. She promised she’ll go to the doctor next week after the race. I’m hoping it’s just a pulled muscle or sprain or something like that.

I had told her that I’d run along with her during the race and I still plan on it. But part of me also wants to see how fast I can go. I’m around 20 lbs lighter than I have been for any other half marathon before. Oh well. I have a 25k coming up in about six weeks that I can practice speed on. It will be fun either way!

So this week is also the end of tapering. I went six miles on Saturday, four today, I’ll go another four on Wednesday, and then a mile and a half on Friday. The race is Saturday morning. I love taper! It’s such a nice break from all those miles and every run seems to feel awesome. I’m so excited for my racing calendar this year and this Saturday is the first of four races I have planned. Yay for tapering and working towards goals!