Today I decided I didn’t want to make dinner. I’ve made it a lot lately and just didn’t feel like doing it. Also, I tried to take a nap after work and JW got his face all super close to mine and woke me up. He says that I always wake him up. I suppose I do but the difference is that he is able to go back to sleep. I was not. So after that I was very determined not to do it.

JW wasn’t really into it either so a battle of wills ensued. We went back and forth over it for hours. It was stupid, really. Well. It would have been had I not won. Yessss.

At first he said we were going to go out. But I already took off my bra and put on sweats (aaahhh, a perfect Friday night). I wanted him to go get it. He wasn’t so much into that either. So, as I sit here writing this, he is concocting something for dinner in the kitchen. I have no idea what he’s making. And honestly, I don’t care because it’s a quarter after nine and I’m starving. And since I didn’t have to make it, I have a feeling it is going to be delicious.