I was mentally weak today, guys. My running schedule got thrown off over the weekend. I’ve been doing my long runs on Saturdays because my next couple of races are on Saturdays. But this week my running buddy pulled a muscle or something and wanted to push it back a day. Which was fine. She’s still hurt and I ended up doing my long run on Sunday. So I was originally supposed to run yesterday but I always have a rest day the day after a long run. I pushed that one back a day too. After that, the plan was to run today, tomorrow and Thursday. It was fine because my taper starts this week.

Except that I didn’t run today. I was about to change and it was ultra windy outside (one of the dangers of winter/spring training) and it was rattling and whistling around the house. I hate running in the wind. I’d rather run up and down hills All. Day. Long. I’m not joking. Wind is my least favorite thing about running. So I didn’t go. I’m going to go tomorrow, no matter if it’s windy or pouring rain or a friggin’ blizzard.

I’m not exactly proud of it but it happens sometimes, I guess. It really just shows me that I need to work on my mental toughness. This won’t fly when I actually start training for the full marathon later this year. Back at it tomorrow!