As much as I really do love running, I love rest days too. Running clears my mind and releases stress. Which I totally need sometimes. But rest days are awesome too and just as necessary.

Obviously, today was a rest day for me. I like them because I can eat dinner earlier and at a normal time and I feel like I can get more done in the evenings. When I have to run, I don’t get home until 6:00 usually, and then I have to make dinner and take a shower and clean up after dinner and whatever other chores/obligations I have to do. And before I know it, I have to go to bed. Usually later than I want to. I wouldn’t give up the run but the rest is a nice relief.

I haven’t been doing anything but running either. That one time I got up early was the only time I got up early. As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes I get overwhelmed. And right now, my running schedule is about enough for me without adding anything else. Between the months of May and July, I’ll be easing back on the number of runs I do per week so I think I’ll add the strength training then.

Tomorrow I’m back at it with six miles!