Starting right around October and continuing through March, I pretty much wear nothing but knee-high socks. Not only do they keep me warm but they make me feel…safe. It’s a little weird, I know. I just love them though.

Every fall I have to go through a mourning period when I discover some of my pairs are no longer pairs. This year I lost a couple of my favorites. I can’t bring myself to throw the lone socks away either. You know, just in case the other one turns up somewhere. None of my favorites did this year. Boo. So now I wear them with other ones that sort of match them. Classy? Absolutely.

Even more classy? The fact that I use them as a shield from the fact that I am very much against shaving my legs in the winter. I mean, seriously. It’s pretty rare that I wear less than long pants even at home. And my skin already gets dry in the winter. Dragging a razor over it isn’t going to help anything. So I load up on lotion or oil and put on my knee-highs. No one knows (well. I’m sure JW does. But he knows better than to give me shit about that one) and I am blissfully lazy about that particular bit of personal hygiene until spring comes.

Spring is coming here. I’m not ready to give up the knee-highs for the season yet. It still gets cold some days. But I’m going to have to face the music with the leg shaving. I love the springtime. But man oh man. I could really do without the leg shaving. I’m really just a dirty hippie at heart.