I had a terrible weekend eating-wise. When we went out to the movies on Friday and went out for drinks afterwards, I overdid it with the popcorn and the pretzel M&Ms and pop and beer and beer cheese and pretzel bites. And I knew it. But at that point, the weekend was still salvageable. I’d have to be careful what I ate even with the 10-mile run on Saturday. But then we had to go to the surprise wedding that wasn’t supposed to be a surprise and I had a bunch of cheese and crackers, several drinks, and a big meal. And like eight of these chocolates that were on the table. And more food later. Still, the weekend would have been salvageable. I would have been over my weekly calorie intake but at least I could still be very careful on Sunday. Nope. Didn’t happen. In fact, if anything, I tried to overdo it. Now, I’m not in the business of beating myself up over going over my weekly allotment. That happens. But to consciously eat as much as you can just because you messed it up the day before? Unacceptable.

I’m not an expert on nutrition or health or fitness in any way, shape, or form. I’m definitely of the mindset that while trying to lose weight (or maintain, really) it is alright to have a Coke or some cake or a burger or some fries or whatever your favorite guilty pleasure is. You just can’t have a ton of said vice. And if you do, you need to watch what you eat for the rest of the week. I admire those of you who practice clean eating and never waver from it. For me, it’s not sustainable. If I try to completely eliminate something from my diet, I’ll end up eventually going nuts with it.

I also think that once in a while, it’s alright to give yourself a couple of days off from counting. I find it mentally taxing to count and count and count what I eat day in and day out. I need a break from it once in a while. You just have to trust yourself to go back to counting after a couple of days. I’m ok with that.

Now, that is not to say you should try to pack in as much as you can. I said that it is alright not to count. But you should still be at least mindful of what you’re eating. Even if you go over, at least have an idea.

Well, I was mindful, alright. I figured that I had blown my weekly allotment out of the water, so why not indulge? What’s the harm in that, right? It’s an idiotic mindset, that’s the harm. I wasn’t even hungry most of the time. I was just eating for the sake of eating. And that’s gross. And unnecessary. And shameful, really.

I’m not totally down on myself. I actually managed to lose a pound this week. I’m just a little disappointed in myself. I even thought about counting on Sunday and quickly discarded that idea. It was just somewhat of a wakeup call. If I do it often enough, then it will end up being detrimental to my ultimate goals and then I’d be really disappointed in myself. So I’m back on track starting today and feeling extra focused. So maybe my little binge was a good thing after all.