I hate to disappoint you, but the dress is not finished yet. It would be, but yesterday after my run, I looked at Facebook and realized that JW and I had to be at a wedding in an hour. We had totally forgotten. So, put together a ten mile run, several day drinks, and an abrupt change of plans, and you get Courtney falling asleep at 5:30. I had planned on starting the dress yesterday. That obviously didn’t happen.

I did start on it today though. Here’s what it looks like before any alterations:

At the thrift store, an older gentleman in line ahead of me turned around and told me that this was a “sexy” dress.

Sorry about the terrible picture quality. JW didn’t want to move from where he said he was comfortable. But you can see the shape of the dress, or rather the lack of shape of the dress. It’s navy blue with a floral pattern. Very Amish. Or maybe school-marm. Obviously it needs an upgrade. So far, I made the skirt 14 inches shorter and made the front and back have a v-neck. I think I’m going to have to mess with the back of it a little. The point of the V back there is a little screwy. I’m pretty sure I can fix it though. I still have to cut off the sleeves and hem those and add elastic to the waist. I should be able to do it in an afternoon.

To be honest, I think that doing this is more difficult than buying a pattern and fabric and making a dress from scratch. Because I’m just kind of eye-balling it. But so far, I think it’s looking pretty good. I’ll post pictures when I’m completely done with it. I’m sure you’ll be waiting with baited breath.