Remember how I said I got new running shoes last Friday? Well I did. I got the 2013 Brooks Adrenaline running shoes. This is my third pair of Adrenalines and I have never felt a shoe that fit me and worked for my super flat feet better than these.

That being said, perhaps it was a mistake for me to wear brand spankin’ new shoes out for a nine mile run the first time I wore them. I’ve had a history with shin splints and I can deal with them. I usually just run through the pain. No amount of rest has ever really helped them. Proper footwear has. The Adrenalines have really helped me not get shin splints.

The thing is, I felt completely fine during my long run on Saturday. And on Sunday, the right side of my back was a little tight but that was about it. But then at work today, my right shin started getting tight. Then, during my six mile run after work, it got really tight. Really. Tight. I stretched it and iced it afterwards but it’s still pretty tender.

I’m going to keep an eye on it but I’m not going to stop running. When I’m warmed up, I can hardly even feel it. It’s just when I cool down that it’s the worst. The thing that is worrying me the most is that it’s only on one side. In the past, I’ve always gotten shin splints in both legs.

So here’s hoping it’s just a tight muscle and not something more severe. I won’t overwork it and I’ll closely monitor it. If it gets worse, I’ll probably have to get it checked out. But I think it’s just the dreaded shin splints.