This week. Ugh. I couldn’t be happier that it’s over. Nothing really bad happened. In fact, good stuff happened. I hit the 20 lb. mark in my weight loss, my training and running has been feeling really good, and I’m getting really excited about my business plan again. Those are all awesome things.

I’ve just been in a super funk this week. I’ve been getting annoyed with things and people really easily and I just haven’t felt terribly motivated to get anything done. I’m not really sure what my problem is. I have been waiting for this weekend since Monday!

Now, don’t get me wrong. All of the awesome things I listed above have me completely stoked. And I have a bunch of things that I’ll be doing this weekend that have me excited. First of all, I got new running shoes today. I love new running shoes. Tomorrow, I’ll be getting up early and putting them to use with a nine mile run. I have some straightening up to do around the house (boo!) but then I’m going to start the refashioning of that sack of a dress I bought for $1.99. Later on, we’ll be getting together with some friends (friends that we haven’t seen in WAY too long) and going downtown to a beer festival. After that, we’re heading to the Night Owl Market (NOM) to check out the food trucks. Fun!!

Sunday, I’ll probably be baking and working in some other crafts and stuff. I really can’t wait.

So here’s to long weeks being over and fun weekends to look forward to. I’m going to bed pretty soon so I can get going on all I this fun that is waiting for me. And yes, I do think that running nine miles in the morning is going to be fun. Night, kids!