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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Last night I fell asleep pretty early and then woke up at 11-something and realized I hadn’t written my post. Hence the short entry. I did want to talk about the race and how I felt though.

It was awesome! The weather was perfect, the scenery was beautiful (the race started and finished at Keeneland in Lexington and there were rolling hills and horses and mansions everywhere), and I felt great running. I wanted to run at a pace that my running buddy felt comfortable with so I started off with what I thought was a slightly easier pace than where I wanted to. The course was very, very hilly. There were virtually zero flat spots. Seriously, it was hill after hill after hill. My usual route is quite hilly and I think that really helped me. My running buddy struggled with the hills though. She said she thought we went out too fast for her. I felt really bad about it but she also said her foot really hurt while running up the hills so there wasn’t much I could have done about that one. She said I could run ahead of her somewhere around mile six but there was no way I was leaving her alone with that much race left. I told her that once I got to mile 11 that if I had enough energy left that I’d like to see how fast I could finish. She said that was okay with her so that’s what I did.

Another friend who ran the race (and has run several races) said it was the hardest course he’s ever ran. Both him and my running buddy said they’d never want to run that race again. I totally would. I loved it. It was effing beautiful. It was difficult but I could have gone faster than I did. I felt great the entire time too. I finished the race without any soreness* (I could hardly walk within a half hour of the Detroit race last fall), I knew I could have gone faster, and, more importantly, I felt like I could have run a lot further. I feel more confident than ever that my goal of running a full marathon is absolutely possible. And that is a good feeling.

*I may have spoken too soon about the soreness. I woke up this morning feeling great but as the day progressed, I got more and more sore. I’m currently sitting here with some seriously restless legs. It is by far my least favorite side effect of running. I’m going to take some ibuprofen and go to bed and see how I feel tomorrow. I have a five mile run planned!



Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon, Lexington, Kentucky.


So it’s the night before our race and I’m relaxing. We came to Lexington earlier today, went and checked into the race, got our bibs and shirts, and bought a couple of wicking headbands. I’m super excited about the headbands. Then we went to Dick’s and picked up some Gu and then went to the Olive Garden and ate way too much food.

Now I’m just relaxing in the hotel and watching some tv. The race is a late start (9:00 AM) so I won’t have to be up at 5:00 for once. I’m pretty pumped about that too.

That’s about all I’ve got for today. I’m just going to continue to relax and probably go to sleep soon. The race is first thing tomorrow!

Race weekend starts for me in just about 15 hours. Yay! I took a half day at work tomorrow so I can head to Lexington earlier in the day, check into our hotel, and take my time around the race expo. I want to pick up a couple of packs of Gu (espresso, chocolate, and peanut butter flavors are the only way to go), and get a head wrap thingy. I like to take a look at all of the vendors too.

I LOVE race weekends! It’s like a mini-vacation. We’ll take care of all of the race check-ins and stuff like that, hit up a pasta place for dinner and then just relax in the hotel for the evening. On Saturday, I’ll get up early, have my usual pre-race breakfast (toast or an English muffin with peanut butter and a banana), drink a bunch of water, and head down the the start. My favorite races tend to be the really big ones and this one is a little smaller but it’s okay. Everyone gathering for the start is always fun and exciting.

We’ll run the race and it will be surprising how fast it is over. We’ll make sure to not go out too fast at the start and try and keep a steady pace the entire time with just enough energy at the end to finish strong. I usually walk through the water areas. It’s just enough of a break to keep me going.

After the race is over, we’ll head back to the hotel, shower, and go to Buffalo Wild Wings where I shall attempt to eat my weight in buffalo wings and beer (I’m sort of giving myself a break from weight watchers for this week only-it takes a lot of concentration and since I’ve been feeling so crazy, I thought it might be nice to take a break. And it has been. I’ll be back on it hard-core starting Monday). I’ll probably end up in bed with ultra restless and spasm-ing legs.

So that’s my general race weekend ritual. How about you? Do you have any race superstitions or rituals?

First off, I feel way better today than I did yesterday. My mind has cleared a little bit and I’m not feeling so down in the dumps. So that is good.

Anyway, today, JW was cleaning out our basement and getting rid of some stuff and he came across a couple of suitcases. He opened them up and there was a ton of my older clothes in there that I thought I had lost. I remember having all of them when I moved here but then a bunch of clothes were just gone. It drove me crazy!

Included in this stash was my Kenny Rogers t-shirt (the Detroit Tiger, not the singer, although I like him too), my favorite Salvation Army t-shirt (a super thin red shirt with the Caribbean printed on it), a t-shirt with Barry Manilow stenciled on there that my brother made for me, and an apron that my mom made for me. Also, there was a bunch of business-type clothes. I decided recently that I want to dress a little nicer for work. Our dress code is quite lax where I work but I’ve probably gotten too lazy about it. I have been hesitant to buy very many new clothes because I’m working on losing weight and I don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff until I hit my goal weight. There are also quite a few “skinny” shirts in there so it gives me some extra incentive. Plus, there are several pairs of pajama pants. I love pajama pants.

So this thing was a pretty awesome find. I feel like I got a new wardrobe!

I feel like I’m losing my mind lately. I think it’s a combination of hormones, stress, the fact that the weather just WILL NOT COOPERATE, and my wonderful brain. I feel scattered, my kitchen is a mess (which I have no desire to clean but I will as soon as I finish writing this), and I’m just in a funk. And I think I’m starting to make JW crazy too.

I’ve been stressed out at work for no good reason. There is a reason but it’s mostly paranoia created by myself. So that’s awesome. And when I start feeling dumpy about that, I start dragging everything else I’d like to change about my current circumstances into my sweet mood. And then I start being a jealous bitch. It’s not really fun being me when I get that attitude so I can only imagine how much fun it is for others.

The jealousy thing is probably my very least favorite thing about myself. I think I’ve come a long way but she rears her ugly head from time to time. I’ve really been trying this year to focus on being positive and enjoying all of the awesome things in my life (of which there are plenty – more than plenty, actually). Running helps. But lately I’ll run and then feel good for a while and then go to work and let it fester again. Part of the problem is that work has been really dead lately and instead of keeping my mind occupied with work, I sit around and think of everything that has been bugging me. Super healthy.

I know some of it is hormones. And that should pass soon. But I’ve been in the mood to eat mountains of food lately and I gained a pound or two last week (although I mostly attribute that to my swell day-drinking fiasco from Saturday). I’m kind of mad at myself for that too.

I was telling my brother today about everything that is bothering me and he told me exactly what I tell him: snap out of it and choose to be happy. He’s right. I’m right. This miserable version of me is not my best self. I need to snap out of it. Maybe I’ll actually get around to starting that dress I’ve been putting off for over a week now. Projects usually help. Do you folks out there in blog-land have any tricks to help you get out of a funk?

This is my last week of training before my half in Lexington this Saturday. I’m pretty pumped. Last week I finished a five mile run in all sub-ten minute miles. And it felt awesome. I’m not sure if I could keep up that pace for an entire 13.1 miles but it felt really comfortable last week.

Unfortunately, my running buddy is not feeling as great. Her foot is still really sore. I’m concerned it could be a stress fracture (I’m no doctor but that’s what google spit out at me). She is determined to run the race though. I understand. She’s put a lot of work into it and doesn’t want to give up on her training. Honestly, even though it would be the wrong choice, I’d probably do the same. She promised she’ll go to the doctor next week after the race. I’m hoping it’s just a pulled muscle or sprain or something like that.

I had told her that I’d run along with her during the race and I still plan on it. But part of me also wants to see how fast I can go. I’m around 20 lbs lighter than I have been for any other half marathon before. Oh well. I have a 25k coming up in about six weeks that I can practice speed on. It will be fun either way!

So this week is also the end of tapering. I went six miles on Saturday, four today, I’ll go another four on Wednesday, and then a mile and a half on Friday. The race is Saturday morning. I love taper! It’s such a nice break from all those miles and every run seems to feel awesome. I’m so excited for my racing calendar this year and this Saturday is the first of four races I have planned. Yay for tapering and working towards goals!