I think the terms “television withdrawal” and “cabin fever” might be oxymorons but I think I’m experiencing both simultaneously. I would just be over the moon if I could get this damn thing to turn on. Really I’m just bored. And kinda grumpy.

I really would like to get out of town but that’s probably not going to happen anytime too soon. I sent my little brother a text yesterday that said something about me not being fit to be around other humans. It was true. I was pretty much a grumpy wretch. Everything (and nearly everyone) I encountered just drove me nuts. It wasn’t anyone else’s fault. I can be a jerk sometimes. It went away after running the last couple of days but I didn’t have a run today (and thanks to my genius idea of doing nearly 50 pushups yesterday, I didn’t have a workout this morning either).

Anyway, enough of this Debbie Downer bullshit. I get like this once in a while and I know it. I also know I need to stimulate myself by giving myself a project. I’m going to do something creative this weekend. Something that I’ve never attempted successfully before. Remember last weekend when I said I went thrifting? Well, I bought an ugly sack of a dress for $1.99 and a belt for $0.49. So this weekend I am going make the dress into something wearable. I’ll be re-hemming it and making it shorter, shortening the sleeves, fixing the neckline, adding an interesting back, and sewing elastic into the waist to give it shape. It will be my first DIY post! Aren’t you excited?!

Well. I am. And that’s enough for me. I also think I want to make some sort of delicious dessert that I’ve never made before. That will make JW happy too.

And just like that, I am feeling better. Making plans and giving myself stuff to look forward to this weekend was just what I needed.

So, anyone have any suggestions or ideas for the dessert? Comment and let me know!