You guys have heard all about JW. Today’s post is to introduce you to the OTHER love of my life. Her name is Bella (I named her before I ever even knew what Twilight was. I’d never name my dog after a sniveling anti-feminist character like that). She is a seven-year-old super mutt. She is also most likely the cutest dog to ever walk this green earth, if I do say so myself. See?


I thought I’d just go over all the reasons she is just the best. So here goes.

1. She pretends to be other animals. She has been a squirrel:


She has been a bat:


She can perch on a rock like a mountain goat without even putting on a costume:


2. She is patriotic.


3. She is extremely tolerant of our human shenanigans.


4. She is just the best cuddler. And she allows our total man-handling of her.



5. She knows when it is time to be serious.


6. But she totally knows how to chill out when the weather is nice too.



7. I’m pretty sure she understands me when I talk to her. For realz, guys.


8. She is able to manipulate people to do her bidding with pure cuteness. Just ask my dad.

Looook into my eyes.

This list doesn’t even cover it. She is just the best. She’s funny and sweet and gets excited for just about everything. She’s happy just to be around us. She is an unapologetic beggar. JW says that when I go running she watches out the window for me to come back the whole time I’m gone. And sometimes when JW has to pick me up from work, he brings her along. And I’m telling you, no matter how crappy and soul-sucking my day was, that wagging tail and happy face is enough to make me forget all about it.

So here’s to you, Bella. Even though you have the worst breath ever and you have been known to eat cupcakes, cookies, and trash that has been left unattended, our lives would be emptier and more smile-less without you in it. So you just keep doing what you do.