Man, three day weekends sure are swell.

I did normal weekend stuff for the last couple of days. I tend to cook or bake something new or different (done), run errands (done), and straighten up the house (pretty much done) on Saturdays and Sundays. But a free Monday deserves a special amount of lazy.

I did get my run in – five miles. But after that, I took a shower, put on my KISS pajama pants (yes, these are just as classy and sexy as you are imagining in your head), and JW and I laid on the couch for like seven hours and watched movies. It was AWESOME! We watched “7 Psychopaths” and “Hatfields & McCoys”. The latter was a 4.5 hour, three-part mini-series. JW said 7 Psychopaths was his second favorite movie ever. I liked it too. And the history nerd in me rejoiced over Hatfields & McCoys. And it’s 4.5 hours long. Perfect for the lazy Monday!

So that was my day. Not terribly eventful but much needed. And I did get a run in. And as for this super short post? Sorry, my laziness must have bled into my blogging. At least I got it posted. Good night, kids.